About Me

Ever since I can remember I have been passionate about personal development and learning about myself and others. But it was at the age of 29 that everything fell into place and I discovered my true vocation. I had my birth chart interpreted by an astrologer and it gave me a completely new perspective on who I thought I was. It was as if I met myself for the first time. It literally changed my life. I was struck by the astrologer's deep understanding of my character and what this very skilled and insightful person was able to tell me about my potential. I came away with a sense of excitement about my life and an intuitive knowing that I wanted to study astrology and become an astrologer myself.

I studied at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and graduated in 1991. Since that time I have been running a busy practice in both London and the West Country. In my desire to keep evolving my own life and bring more to my work with clients I trained to become a Life Coach in 2004.

I've always wanted to write about what I am passionate about and I had my first book published in 2000. Over the last few years I have continued to write about the transformational power of coaching and astrology and my books have been translated into ten languages.

The alchemy of astrology and coaching creates a space in which to discover your inner gold - your true nature and raison d'etre - and live with a sense of purpose, joy, authenticity and self worth. As you reach a clearer perspective on your limitless potential to grow and develop, you will invariably feel uplifted, energized and inspired to develop more of who you are and move forwards in ways that previously you wouldn't have believed possible.