Your Blueprint

When we connect with our true nature and embrace who we were born to be, we feel whole, empowered, joyful and authentic. We feel resourceful and equipped to create our place in the world. But how do you discover who you really are and what you are truly capable of? Is there a map that will indicate how to grow into your full potential?

Your astrological birth chart is your unique life map and describes the perfect time for you to make life enchancing choices. It is a map of the heavens drawn up for the time and place of your birth. In essence, your birth chart is your blueprint and symbolically portrays your unique reality, innate pattern and potential. And much like the instructions on the back of a seed packet, it describes the optimum conditions you need in order to flourish. In other words, your birth chart indicates the most natural and appropriate way to unfold who and what you are, as well as your own unique timing for change and transformation.

Looking at your birth chart offers you:

  • An in-depth look at you as a whole, identifying your strengths, gifts and talents, as well as the less developed or conscious parts of your character
  • A deeper meaning of the current cycles in your life and how these can be translated into opportunities to grow more fully into yourself

You and your relationships

None of us exists in isolation; we are connected to one another through intimate relationships, family ties and friendships. Relationships can be our greatest source of joy and growth but can equally be the cause of immense pain and frustration. Looking at the birth charts of partners, siblings, parents and children highlights the areas of compatibility as well as stress between the individuals concerned, offering a deeper understanding of each relationship dynamic.This awareness can totally transform the way in which we relate to each other.

Your children

Exploring your children's birth charts - and this can be done from the time that they are born - can offer many insights into who they are and what they need in terms of nurturing, guidance and education. For example, some children thrive in a more structured environment whilst others need more freedom and creative expression. Discover the unique potential of your child and how best you can help them grow into happy and fulfilled individuals.