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Is there a way of knowing what the inherent potential of each moment is and of always being in tune with how your life is unfolding? And if so, what would you do with that knowledge and and how would it inform your choices? Astrology offers you a unique insight into your own personal blueprint and describes how you can choose to develop yourself and your awareness of what your life has to offer.


The physicist Albert Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Why is it that we expect our lives to improve or change and yet persist in maintaining the outdated habits and patterns that perpetuate the status quo? We want to be happy and fulfilled and yet somehow these states of being so often elude us. Much of the time we are either fantasising about the future or living in the past. So much so that we fail to recognise the power of the present and what it offers us. When we are not living fully in the moment we don’t take our power and can sabotage our ability to live our best lives. In actual fact, we have choices every moment of our lives regarding where we focus our attention, what we think and feel, the quality of our well-being, how we respond and the goals that we set for ourselves.

So, how do we make the most of the present and choose to live a life which truly brings out the best of who we are? The answers to those questions are contained in your birth chart - your unique blueprint which describes your potential and purpose and all the cycles of growth throughout your life. Your birth chart is effectively a map of your psyche and highlights not only your true nature but also the timing of when latent qualities or new developments are ready to present.

The ancient Greeks had two words for Time: Chronos and Kairos. Chronos refers to chronological time and is the way in which we measure the sequence of time in hours, days, months etc. Kairos refers to the quality of the moment and the inherent potential that it contains. Your birth chart measures not just the times in your life that contain the seeds for change and development, but also the precise nature of how you can grow and develop. Without this awareness, we may well make choices or decisions which don’t enable us to grow into our unique potential and move forwards in the best way. Or we may simply sit back and not seize the moment, oblivious to the opportunities that lie before us.

The planets are continually moving in their orbits and these movements – or transits – interact with our natal charts and bring to the surface parts of us which are ready to be more conscious and expressed. Sometimes we become aware that we have outgrown a particular situation and that it’s time to move on. Other times we may need to stand still and see what is waiting to emerge.

So, what choices are you currently making and do they feel as though they are empowering and energising you? Some choices keep us in a holding-pattern, others empower us and increase our energy and self-belief. And some deplete and undermine us. From deciding what you think, how you talk to yourself and others, your life is filled with endless options that lead in one direction or other. The choices that we make, no matter how trivial they seem, contribute to the quality of our lives and to what we experience. When you have a deeper understanding of who you are, you can make positive choices about what you want to create in your life and align yourself with how you are naturally evolving. These choices make you feel good about yourself and uplift and empower you; they give you a sense of authenticity as well as a sense of balance and ease. When you make the right choice for you, you automatically feel good about it, excited, compelled, energised and expanded.

Deep-down we almost always know what is best for us; from the relationships we create to the food that we eat. And yet, it is often difficult to truly commit to the right choice for ourselves. We may go on spending time with people who drain us or choose to eat fast-food over a healthy, nutritious meal. Often we have no idea why we go against our better instincts but when we do, there is invariably a deep-seated part of us that is in fear of expressing all of who we are. And when that happens we are essentially self-sabotaging. Often our greatest barrier to making healthy choices involves confronting and challenging the part of us that wants to stay small and not stretch ourselves to our full capacity. Instead of being willing and open to change direction we hesitate, doubt or criticise ourselves and shoot ourselves in the foot. When that part of us is in charge, we are essentially abdicating all responsibility for our happiness and well-being and not giving ourselves permission to thrive and come into our own. This is where Coaching plays such an invaluable role in championing you and encouraging you to believe in yourself and bring all of who you are into focus – your strengths and your weaknesses. This awareness helps you to embrace your life and to commit to being wholeheartedly yourself.

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